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Around The World Round Robin
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Cross-Stitch Round Robins
1) Of, relating to, or characteristic of a much earlier, often more primitive period,
especially one that develops into a classical stage of civilization.
2) No longer current or applicable; antiquated.

There is a point to that. The point is as follows: Once upon a time, I tried to begin a cross stitching group that I referred to as “The Guilde of St. Clare.” St. Clare of Assisi is the patron saint of needleworkers, embroiderers, and the blind. This group was supposed to complete projects in a round robin fashion. However, no one was interested in contributing to the round robins. They just wanted to meet once a month and work on their own stuff. To make matters even worse, this past April, half the membership, quite literally, DIED. Granted, that’s only one death, but when you’re working with 2 members and 1 leader, it hurts the total. Long story short, instead of helping get and keep me on track, the lack of interest shown made me realize just how archaic my hobby is. Hence the vocabulary lesson above.

Well, glutton for punishment that I am, I have decided to give this another shot. This time, I am opening it to any and all stitchers worldwide. If you can read English or have a program to translate for you, WELCOME!

A few clerical requirements need to be met in order to become part of this group. Firstly, read the journal entry regarding how a round robin works.

Secondly, read the rules posting.

Finally, read and answer the questions on the registration form posting. Just email your reply to ATWRRModerator@gmail.com . You will receive a reply within 2 business days acknowledging receipt of your registration.

Please invite all of your cross-stitching friends to join the exchange--the more the merrier!

If you have any questions or concerns you would like answered prior to joining, please do not hesitate to email them to the above address.

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