StarkRavenPixie (starkravenpixie) wrote in round_robin78,

Possible Themes

  • General Holiday ~ Each person chooses his/her favorite holiday as the individual theme.
  • Freebie ~ Each member chooses a favorite freebie series (i.e. Dragon Dreams freebies, Vermillion freebies, etc)  This way, no one has to hunt for or purchase any patterns for this stitching group.
  • Open Theme Band Sampler ~ Each member chooses a band from other patterns to stitch.
  • Open Theme ~ Any theme, any style, any colors!  Each member chooses his/her own individual theme/style/everything!  A great way to get to know your fellow board members.
  • Summer Get Away ~ All things summer, whatever summer is to you, whether it's seashells or ice cream cones, this group is sure to be a blast.
  • Animal Themed ~ Choose your favorite animal as your personal theme.  Members can either choose all different animals or all the same one, it's up to you.
  • Fantasy Themed ~ Dragons, castles, mermaids, fairies, pixies, and dust, oh my!  Whatever tickles your fancy.
  • Spring Has Sprung ~ Anything that springs into your mind at the thought of spring.
  • UFO ~ All things alien, flying saucers, little green men, planets, constellations
  • Halloween ~ Whatever Halloween means to you, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, or even just candy. 
  • Christmas ~ If it means gifts, trees, candles, snowmen, or turkey, it's fair game
  • 12 Days of Christmas ~ Each member will be assigned a numbered gift item from the song.  They will then be stitched in numeric order. 
  • Autumn ~ What comes to mind when the leave begin to change colors?  Is it a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch, or a walk through the forest?  Whatever it is, this category is made for it.
  • Winter ~ Hot cocoa by a roaring fire...Snowmen...Mittens, hats, and scarves...What warms your heart when it's cold outside?

We're also looking for others to contribute their suggestions for possible stitching.  Just keep it clean, kids.  Nothing you wouldn't be proud to show your grandmother with the heart condition.

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