StarkRavenPixie (starkravenpixie) wrote in round_robin78,

Round Robin Rules

 1.  The member who begins the round robin will be the person entitled to keep the completed piece.
 2.  If you wish to allow members to vote on the round robin's theme, voting must be completed and results posted no later than 2 weeks before said robin is to begin. 
 3.  All deadlines must be clearly posted for each round robin. 

 4.  All round robin pieces are to be kept in a smoke-free environment.  This prevents any yellowing of the fabric.  It is also just courteous toward your fellow stitchers who may have smoke allergies.
 5.  If, for any reason, you are unable to complete your portion of the piece within the time allotted, you must still send the piece on.  Once all other members have completed their portions, you will be responsible for the postage to have the piece returned to you for completion.  You must then send the completed piece to the originator. 
 6.  Once you have sent the piece to the next person in succession, you must post to the group that the piece has been forwarded.  Please include your location and the location for which the piece is headed.
 7.  Once you receive the piece, you must post to the group that you have received the piece.  
 8.  If for any reason you find yourself without internet access in your home, you must notify the moderator, either by telephoning or by borrowing another computer.  Once internet access is restored, please notify the moderator again to make this fact known.
 9.  No pictures of round robin pieces are to be posted except by the originator and only after the piece is completed.  
10.  Keep the originator's preferences in mind as much as possible.  It is understandable if you are unable to fulfill all of his/her requests, but please do try. 
11.  Pieces should be completed within 12 months of being started, for domestic pieces--24 months for international pieces.  
Please do not sign up if you cannot comply with the rules. 

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