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How A Round Robin Works

A round robin is a group of stitchers who work on each other's projects. This is not complicated and there are a few basic guidelines, which should enable you to understand the concept.

Let's say you want to do a four-person round robin. Separate your fabric into four equal stitching areas (maximum of 70 x 70 stitches) and select a theme for your project. You can separate your fabric with a border, with a specialty stitch or with a basting stitch, which can be removed when the project is completed.

Then your project is sent on to the next stitcher in the group... that stitcher will stitch a design in one square, which will match your theme. And so forth until your project returns home completely stitched.

When you are the originator of a round robin, feel free to tell your stitchers who your favorite designers are.  You, of course, will be stitching on projects belonging to the other stitchers. There is a mailing schedule you must follow...normal stitching time is four weeks between mailing dates, though this is adjusted if international stitchers are included in the robin. 

Once you are emailed the mailing list and/or updates to the mailing list, please print it out and keep it in a safe place. You never know when your computer may crash. Once the mailing list is completed and distributed, only a list of members' names in the order they should proceed will be posted for each round robin.  Originators of the round robin are given the option of ordering the list themselves or having the moderator generate the list for them. 
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