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Round Robin Registration

Below is the questionnaire of information needed for round robin participation.  Responding with a completed questionnaire is like signing an agreement and you agree to be responsible for keeping up with communication and mailing out on time as well as giving each piece you stitch on the proper attention.  
1.      Full Name
2.      Live Journal Name
3.      Full mailing address
4.      Email address
5.      Telephone Number (This will be kept confidential and is for use when you cannot be reached via the internet. Phone numbers will not be shared with anyone for any reason, unless you provide written permission listing the person(s) to whom it is permissible.
6.      Do you mind international mailing?
7.      How often do you wish mailing dates to be?
8.      Have you ever participated in a stitching round robin before?
9.      What do you consider to be your level of stitching?
10. What fabric types do you prefer?
11. What types of fabric do you prefer not to work on?
12. Participating in a round robin requires a great deal of communication amongst members. Are you available to stop in at least once a week to stay current and get to know other group members?
Please type your full name and the month and day you were born below.  This is to be considered an electronic signature of a document and confirms that you agree to participate following the rules of the RR groups.

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